Three children in a canoe in a lake near Jackson Hole

What I Do

1. Catalyzing and Innovating

Conservation requires moving people to action with new ideas and new programs. For 30 years I have been helping organizations recognize, organize and implement new approaches to achieving conservation.

2. Learning and Synthesizing

Conservation practitioners generate a great deal of information about what has worked, what has not worked, and why. The field has a poor record of capturing and learning from this information which results in less effective conservation. Documenting and synthesizing provides the opportunity to improve the practice of conservation. I have worked at the interface between academia and conservation practice for my entire career, focusing on learning and synthesizing to create a more robust practice.

3. Convening and Facilitating

Conservation is rarely a solitary pursuit. Meetings of small and large groups are often critical to making progress. For 20 years I have been convening groups of different sizes across organizations and disciplines to address a broad range of conservation issues.