Three Kayapo people feeding small green parrots

Convening & Facilitating

Conservation is rarely a solitary pursuit. Meetings of small and large groups are often critical to making progress. Successful meetings rely on:

  • careful planning,
  • clear articulation of goals and processes,
  • attentive facilitating and
  • prompt follow through.

For 20 years I have been convening groups of different sizes from a range of organizations and disciplines to address a broad range of conservation issues. Examples include:

  • Large meetings presenting science to the public (WCS: Osborn Lectures)
  • Strategic planning for an organization (Society for Conservation Biology)
  • Multi-stakeholder meeting including industry, indigenous groups, government, academia and conservation NGOs (American Bison Society: three meetings)
  • The Nature Conservancy’s first ecoregional working group (small group over one year)
  • Small inter-organizational meetings focusing on specific conservation topics (Wildlife Conservation Society: White Oak Meetings).

As the Principal at Archipelago I have:

  • Organized and co-organized a series of meetings (California, Hawaii, Singapore) on conservation and synthetic biology
  • Responsible for assembling a Taskforce and Technical Subgroup for IUCN to develop a global assessment of the interaction between synthetic biology and biology; based on this assessment draft an IUCN policy document for consideration at the 2020 World Conservation Congress (2017-on-going)
  • Organized and led a panel for the U.S. National Park Service on invasive animal species; and a subsequent one on prioritizing invasive animal management in the Pacific region.
  • Helped organize and run for the US National Park Service both a strategic retreat for their Threatened and Endangered Species Program and a meeting to explore biodiversity discovery in national parks.
  • Helped organize and facilitate the 4th annual meeting of the American Bison Society in Montana for the Wildlife Conservation Society.
  • Organized and ran an 80 person global meeting bringing together the conservation community and the synthetic biology community in the U.K.
  • Helped organize a global meeting on the Global Environment Facility’s portfolio of mainstreaming held in South Africa.